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Our original antique Chimney Pots have been salvaged from rooftops in England, where they have stood this past century or more. Each region of England developed its own chimney pot style, and these pots added a distinctive architectural signature to local skylines.
Octagonal Chimney Pots on a Stone Cottage
A pair of unglazed Octagonal chimney pots on a stone cottage with gingerbread trim makes for an unusual combination. Photo J
Four Matching Crowns
"Crowning Glory". Four matching glazed Crowns adorn a Victorian rooftop. Photo A

Unglazed Octagonal Chimney Pots
Unglazed Octagonal chimney pots transform an early nineteenth century building in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. Photo K

Pair of Glazed Tulip Crowns
A pair of tall glazed Tulip Crowns creates a very distinctive and stylish profile on this 19th century sandstone house. Photo G

Straffordshire Cottage with Castles and Crowns
What an addition chimney pots make!
Here we have a Staffordshire cottage, c1830, with Castles on one chimneystack and Crowns on another. The warmth of these unglazed terracotta pots picks up the color of the natural stone. Photo D

Red Crowns on Brick Home
Red Crowns used here to good effect on a brick home. Photo V

Castle Chimney Pots
Two different types of Castle chimney pots The appearance of a very plain builing is lifted by the presence of these chimney pots. One is slightly taller, made from a lighter clay; the other, shorter, and made from a darker clay. Both are unclazed and have embossed panels on each face. Photo E

Four Simple Square Terracottas
These four simple square terracotta chimney pots add immensely to an early 19th century building. Photo S

Set of Round Chimney Pots
A set of Round chimney pots atop a nineteenth century house. Photo N

Varied Pots on Old Home
The varied selection on this old home makes a captivating display. Photo R

Daisy Crowns on Old Home
Massed ranks of Daisy Crowns on a large old home. Very hard to imagine this house without its chimney pots! Photo H

Four Daisy Crowns
Four Daisy Crowns on a building. Just tremendously good-looking chimney pots, although the one at the front looks a little unstable after 130 years! Photo I

Round Vented Chimney Pots
A pair of Round Vented chimney pots with a rich salt glaze. Photo M

Unusual Bullet Chimney Pots
An unusual pair of Bullet chimney pots. Photo Q

Daisy Crowns, Unglazed and Salt Glaze
Two Daisy Crowns: the nearer one plain unglazed terracotta, the other with a rich salt glaze. The contrast between these two chimney pots clearly shows the difference between a glazed and an unglazed finish. Photo F

Single Cannon Chimney Pot
A single Cannon chimney pot adds height and elegance, and give an extra 5 feet of draw for the fire. Photo L

Easter Island Chimney Pots
These Easter Island chimney pots take their name from the faces found on the ancient Easter Island statues. Photo O

Church with Crown Chimney Pots
A striking sight. Even with competition from the church tower, these extra tall unglazed Crowns add height and a great deal of interest. Photo C

Unglazed Crown Chimney Pots
Evening light illuminates a group of unglazed terracotta Crown chimney pots. Photo B

Unglazed Plinth Chimney Pots
A stone house, 1898, with 4 unglazed plain Plinth chimney pots. Simple yet stylish. Photo P

Victorian Railway Station with Plain Round Chimney Pots
A Victorian railway station at sunset, Plain Round chimney pots prove very effective when used in a group. Taken from a moving vehicle; hence the blur! Photo U

Very Unusual Crowns
A pair of very unusual Crowns catches the eye, even with a ruined castle for competition. Photo T

Unglazed Tulip Crowns
Unglazed Tulip Crowns look magnificent on a large old building. Photo W

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