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Our original antique Chimney Pots have been salvaged from rooftops in England, where they have stood this past century or more. Each region of England developed its own chimney pot style, and these pots added a distinctive architectural signature to local skylines.

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Style 1 - Crown

Style 2 - Queen
Style 3 - Princess
Style 4 - Prince

Style 5 - Petal,
the most elegant
of all chimney pots
Style 6-Gothic Crown

Style 7 - Castle

Style 8 - Octagonal

Style 9 - Medium Round
Style 10 - Small Round

Style 11 - Cannon
Style 12 - Easter Island

Style 13 - Plinth
Style 14 - Knobbed Square

English Chimney Pots

In addition to being a simple and inexpensive way of adding height to a chimney, thus preventing down-draughts and smoking, they added architectural interest to the building as a whole. They really were the "crowning glory" of Victorian England.

All our chimney pots are authentic antiques, made between 1840 and 1880, and in excellent condition. Each one is unique; their appearance delightfully mellowed by their age and history. Some are coated with a rich salt glaze: while others were left unglazed and are now a beautifully weathered terracotta.

All make striking garden feature, adding height and charm to any display. They make fabulous planters, indoors or out, excellent bases for sundials and birdbaths, and it should be said, enchanting chimney pots.

Yes, these pots can be installed on top of new chimney stacks. They will give good service for another hundred years!

A pair of Crown pots top
an English cottage chimney.

A Little Chimney Pot History

"A London ordinance of the fourteenth century forbade chimneys made from wood, requiring the use of less combustible materials! Writing in 1577, Harrison regrets the "increase of chimneys because all want them", blaming on their newfound popularity a deterioration in the nation’s health, if not a collective national loss of backbone. "Now we have many chimneys, and yet our tenderlings complain of rheumes, catarrhs, and poses. Then we had none but reredoes and our heads did never ake. For as the smoke in those days was supposed to be a sufficient hardener for the timber of the house, so it was reputed a far better medicine to keep the good man and his familie from the quack or pose, where with as then verie few were oft acquainted."

By the time of Charles the Second (1660) chimney pots had become status symbols, and were duly taxed. According to Fletcher “they were considered such important status symbols that the taxes were willingly paid.” However, it is during the nineteenth century that chimney pots reached the height of their popularity, and there were not many stacks built that century that were not surmounted by one of these outrageous chessmen. It was a trade that flourished and declined leaving scant trace of its history bar the pots themselves. “Perhaps no craft has declined so unsung and so unrecorded".

While it is possible to trace the history of English ceramics in great detail, scant record remains of the story of the men, women and, almost certainly, children who produced these glorious follies. One wonders what their reaction would have been had you told them that their handiwork would be crossing the Atlantic Ocean a hundred and fifty years later to the USA.”

English Antique Imports stocks a vast selection of authentic English clay chimney pots.
All are reasonably priced and a significant value, adding interest to the garden or rooftop.

Our antique Chimney Pots represent great value.
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All of our Chimney Pots are imported from England and stocked
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