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Custom Furniture, Made to Your Specifications
Many clients have a particular space or unusual requirements that call for a specially made piece of furniture. There is no need to settle for something that "will do", when you can have exactly what you want.

Do you need a special piece of furniture?
Perhaps to fit a particular situation; to go in a narrow space or beneath a low window, or to provide maximum storage in a limited area? We can make any piece of furniture you need! And it can be done simply, stylishly and inexpensively:

1 Firstly, we need to find a design. This might be based on a picture you have seen in a magazine or book, or on the internet. Some clients prefer to draw a diagram. Once we have a general idea of what you are looking for, we can work out the dimensions that will work in your situation, and any necessary modifications.

2 Send the details on to us by mail or e-mail. We will call you to check through your requirements, and ensure that you have considered all your options. With that finalised, we will give you a quotation and an approximate delivery date.

3 If you wish to proceed, we will take a deposit (check or credit card) and work on your piece will commence.

4 Your item will be hand-made in England to a very high standard. It will be shipped to North Carolina on our next sea container, from where it will be forwarded to your home by our shipping company.

This process takes some time (we will always tell you when our next shipment is sailing), but, for a very reasonable cost, you will have a wonderful, custom-made piece of furniture. We will stay in touch with you throughout the process (we are open 7 days a week) and make you glad you called us.

Many of the items on our web site started out as special orders for clients. Each one can be adapted in any number of ways to suit the way you want to use it.

All pieces are made by craftsmen in England from recycled antique timbers. They can be finished in a wide variety of ways to fit with your décor. We can provide natural wax finishes, French polishes, varnishes and painted finishes.

We will gladly custom design a piece of furniture to meet you needs. There is no charge for this service. If we do not meet or exceed your expectations on quality of design or affordability, there is of course, no obligation.

Custom Triple Bookcase

Custom Made Furniture
This 9 feet wide Bookcase features adjustable shelving above, with enclosed cupboard space beneath (also with interior shelving). Its very substantial proportions are disguised by the reeded pillars that 'step-forward' to divide the front. A very handsome and piece of furniture that provides a vast amount of storage space, and can be made to any size.

Custom Bookcase Detail

One of 4 places where the top cornice 'breaks' forward to give pleasing proportions to a very large piece.


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Standing Corner Cupboard
Made from Antique Pine Timbers
Price $2650

This imposing corner cupboard combines a wonderful traditional design with the mellow beauty of antique pine. The "shell back" interior is a real display of a craftsman's talent.

90" high, 51" wide and 22" deep.

Interior Detail


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Our Custom Furniture represents great value.
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