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English Antique Imports stocks a large collection of antique garden features that add style and an
interesting focal point to any landscape design. Each feature is unique with special characteristics.
1840 Wrought Iron Gate

Gates like this make a striking entrance into a garden or courtyard. They are also a distinctive feature when hung on a wall or fence. We generally have dozens of antique gates in stock, either singles or pairs, with openings from 2 right up to 24 feet. Many of the larger pairs are designed for driveway entrances.


Antique Pub Signs

As well as serving as a focal point for the everyday dramas of life in England, for centuries pubs have been the source of plots and uprisings, intrigue of every description, and chicanery without bounds! As a result, the subject matter of pub signs ranges from the religious, through the sentimental, to the profane!

We always have a good selection of antique Pub Signs. They are all original, painted on both sides, and are usually about 30 inches wide and 42 inches high. They do need a large area of wall space (if used indoors) but have great charm and presence. Of course, they have the weathering you would expect on signs that have hung in front of Inns and Taverns for many decades.

Please call or e-mail to discuss all we have available, and we would be glad to e-mail images.


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Stone Garden Troughs

These stone planters are made from antique building stones. Dating mainly from the eighteenth century, these irregular blocks of sandstone (from Yorkshire and Derbyshire) have mellowed beautifully over the years. The mason's original chisel marks are still clearly visible, and many have mosses or lichen growing on their exteriors. They have been hollowed out to make beautiful planting troughs. Call or e-mail for details.

Troughs are available in 4 size ranges:
Planters up to   9 inches long Prices from $ 38
Planters up to 14 inches long Prices from $ 55
Planters up to 18 inches long Prices from $ 85
Planters up to 24 inches long Prices from $120
Shape and Chisel Details

Each one is unique.


" Patio Planter

This small planter features an
embossed pattern on all four sides.
10 x 10 x 10 inches
$ 55

Garden Urn

Base 8 x 8 inches
17 inches high
16 inches top diameter
$ 100

Small St. Christopher
Small plaque with hanger built into back
6 inches wide x 11 inches high.
$ 28


Round Plaque of Young Girl
Charming circular wall plaque with hanger on back
13 inches in diameter
$ 32      

Acorn Finial

Base measures 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.
Height 11 1/2 inches

$ 42


We usually have a good selection of original staddle stone in stock.
Call or e-mail for current availability.
Antique Staddle Stone,
circa 1800

In the days when over 50% of the harvest was often lost to vermin, staddle stones were used in sets as bases on which to build granaries. These mushroom shaped beauties kept the grain up and away from damp ground, while allowing the terriers and cats space to attach encroaching rats and mice.

We only stock good, completely original staddle stones from the eighteenth century and earlier. Today they are used, especially in England, as garden features and beside driveways and entrances. They generally stand between 30 and 45 inches tall and are sometimes called Mushroom or Saddle Stones.

Tall Staddle Stones,
circa 1820

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