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Of all the home garden houses we have ever seen, this was the greenhouse we wanted to carry.
Stylish, adjustable, moveable, portable and practically indestructible!

English Home Garden Greenhouse

Home Garden Greenhouse Shown.

Garden Greenhouse with Roof Adjusted Shown.
Home Garden Greenhouse
Roof Adjusted Open
Movable - Portable

Home Garden Greenhouse

This is one of our favorite items. How could it be otherwise? Completely hand made in England, it epitomises that wonderful combination of the innovative with the quizzical that was such a defining feature of Victorian Britain. Especially when it came to English gardens.

The folding handles at one end can be extended at will to enable the whole greenhouse to be moved around the garden. It can be wheeled into or out of the sun as required. It can follow the sun around the garden, avoiding the changing areas of shade.

And, of course, it immediately grabs the attention. It just looks stunning!

Each greenhouse comes with 3 wooden trays, one rests on elevated runners, and two on lower runners. Access is through the 2 top hinged panels which fold completely open when required. These panels are completely adjustable to allow any amount of ventilation.

Adjustable and Movable

Greenhouse with Roof Partially Open Shown.

Greenhouse with Roof Fully Extended Shown.

Home Garden Greenhouse Price $ 1850
Overall Measurements (Without Wheels) 49 inches long, 27 inches wide, 37 inches tall
Overall Measurements (With Wheels) 55 inches long, 31 inches wide, 37 inches tall.

Greenhouse Wheel Detail Shown.
Greenhouse Wheel

Home Garden Greenhouse on the Move

Movable Garden Greenhouse Shown

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